As a mature inner-ring suburb and “bedroom community”, Cheltenham faces considerable challenges to its tax base and facilities. The ongoing effort to revitalize the Township will require the combined efforts of governmental, quasi-governmental and private sector investment.  The Cheltenham Township Community Development Corporation (CTCDC) will provide a conduit through which government, local business and private individuals can invest in the growth of our community.

Founded in 2004, the mission of the Cheltenham Township Community Development Corporation (CTCDC) is to improve the quality of life and increase the real estate tax base in Cheltenham Township by working to foster enhancements to commercial, industrial, residential and public space properties. 

The CTCDC will work with community stakeholders to enhance the infrastructure through improvements to obsolete, underutilized and vacant properties, as well as projects contributing to the overall quality of life in the Township.

The target population will be residents of Cheltenham Township, which comprises 9.06 square miles and, as of 2003, 36,875 people. The Township is bordered on the south and the east by The City of Philadelphia; on the west by Springfield Township; and on the north by Abington Township and the Borough of Jenkintown.

Structured as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the CTCDC is eligible for private and public sector funding not necessarily accessible to governmental or for-profit organizations.  Federal, State and local grant money is available for a variety of community redevelopment projects.  Additionally, as a non-profit corporation, charitable donations from individuals and institutions will be tax deductible.  With access to these funds, the CTCDC is be in a unique position to serve as a platform from which a variety of redevelopment efforts may be launched.