Greta Milles has worked in the real estate development and urban planning field as a project manager for over 9 years participating in all phases of the development of commercial and residential real estate projects. Her responsibilities have included coordination of land development approvals, oversight of design and engineering activities, procuring financing, construction oversight, planning and advocacy.

Ms. Milles is currently employed at Pennrose Properties, LLC. Before joining Pennrose Ms.. Milles was a project manager for Keating Development Company for four years where she developed federal and state courthouses as well as other product types. Prior to that she worked in the non-profit environmental field where she was a researcher. and advocate focusing on land use and transportation issues, including Transit-Oriented Development and Brownfields redevelopment.   

Ms. Milles possesses a Masters of Science in Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Masters of Urban Planning with a focus on land use and transportation from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Architecture from Wesleyan University.

Ms. Milles is a member of the Urban Land Institute and a past member of the Pennsylvania Planning Association and the Transportation .Research Board. She is active in her community as a member of her local neighborhood association.