The CTCDC is partnering with local business and the Township to bring the Elkins Park Train Station back to its former glory. Elkins Park Train Station RenovationCynthia Blackwood, owner of The Frame House, across from the new Creekside Co-op, was inspired to re-invent the architecturally elegant space into a haven and gallery for the arts as well as a community space.

The CTCDC has gotten involved to negotiate the necessary arrangements with SEPTA and the Township and to act as the fund raising partner for the project. The initial licensing period with SEPTA will allow Cynthia, along the Lisa Stockenbrand of the Stitching Room and Bruce Starr, a local artist and carpenter, to raise the necessary $250,000.

A website has been set up specifically for this project, dubbed 'Elkins Central'. On it you will find continuous updates on the project as well as opportunities to donate  your money, time and talents. 

If you've ever wanted to get your hands dirty rebuilding something of value, want to contribute to the cause or just love trains, this is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in your community.